We are a family owned business based in Mulberry, Arkansas.  We desire to help families prepare for unexpected disasters.  Whether it be 72 hours or 5 years, we can help you get the basics for survival set aside so you have peace of mind.  No one knows when a tornado, flood, blizzard, hurricane, or economic disaster will hit.  It is better to be prepared for the worst and pray for the best.

Whether you want to package your own food, or buy pre-packaged, we can help you.  We carry the full line of Survival Cave foods consisting of pressure canned meats and freeze-dried entrees, fruits, and vegetables.  For those who would prefer to package their own, we carry two sizes of plastic pails, metalized mylar bags to line them, and oxygen absorbers to keep your items fresh longer.

We also carry water purification products for different scenerios.

Three times each year we offer a bulk grains, rice, legume, and adjuncts sale.  To sign up for our newsletter with the announcement and pricing information, fill out the form below.

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